Avant Garb: Fall In Flux

by Elizabeth Massing

Now that fall is officially here – and Mother Nature is adding the appropriate chill to the air – I’m having fun taking in all the fall fashion around me. As the season began, I ran into Courtney, who was handling the seasonal change perfectly, rocking a leopard print maxi-skirt from amazon.com.

Courtney said she actually finds a lot of her favorite pieces on Amazon. She’s also a huge fan of jewelry from Uncommon James. It’s where she got her crescent necklace that she’s wearing. Here’s what she had to say about her style…
“My go-to fashion I would have to say is comfortable-yet-cute, because – in event planning – you’re always running around somewhere. You have to be able to move a stack of boxes and look presentable for a happy hour at the same time. I normally wear a lot of basic pieces and try and throw in one accent piece (like her aforementioned skirt).”
Courtney’s Bella + Canvas shirt is simple and allows you to focus on the print of her skirt. It was smart to pair such a busy pattern with a simple white t like this. Her shoes are BC Footwear and the tan color of the flat perfectly matches her knapsack and accents the tan tones of her skirt.
She’s also sporting a pair of Tory Burch sunglasses that go great with the rest of the ensemble. Overall, this is a perfect look for early Fall. She’s managed to create cohesion throughout all of her accessories while staying fashion-forward in integrating some animal print…. which is going to be a Fall must-have in your wardrobe!
Another go-to for Courtney? Flats.
“Since I’m almost always running around, 99% of the time you’ll find me in flats,” she told me. “I also really love just walking around the city, so flats are the smartest option. Most of the things I buy and wear are from Amazon. There’s a running joke that people don’t ask me where I got something from because they already know the answer – AMAZON. With apps like “Liketoknowit” and Instagram, it’s easy to find cute and quality pieces that won’t cost a fortune. I’ll also go to Pinterest for some outfit inspiration if I want to wear a certain piece, but don’t know how I want to style it. The internet helps me get dressed!!”
Another of Courtney’s pieces that I really love – and think is so chic – is her knapsack.
No surprise that this was another amazing and affordable find on Amazon!
Next, I ran into Renoda. She was headed to a friend’s 50th birthday party – an elegant event with a formal dress code. Renoda took it as an opportunity to rock this amazing look.
She’s elegant, everything pairs excellently, and it’s all on trend for fall fashion. I love the muted color palette and the black and gold accessories that she’s chosen to deck out this dress with. Everything really complements each other…a perfect look for an evening event or special occasion.
Renoda told me she considers herself “a girly girl.”
“I like the versatility of being a woman and being able to put creative pieces together to show off femininity. I like to mix and match designer items with pieces from Target or Marshalls to Saks and Nordstrom. For me, it’s not as much about the name or where I shop. I shop anywhere I can find really cute pieces. I love experimenting with different styles of clothing. My goal is to look good rather than just glam, [for instance, wearing] a cute sneaker with a splash of sexiness. I don’t have one trend. I’m very versatile which is part of my personality. It just depends on the day! Must-have items that you can never go wrong with or have enough of are hats, dresses or accessories. What I like about these items is that they can be dressed up or down and worn in every season.”
Renoda’s dress is something she picked up from the rv_lifestlye Instagram page. Rachelvlifestyle.shop is the site.
She also paired this look with Steve Madden heels that she picked up from Nordstrom, a black purse from Target…
…and long gold dangling earrings from Express.
Elizabeth Massing

One look at Elizabeth Massing and you see her fabulous sense of style and artistic self-expression. She combines old and new, classic and trendy, luxurious items and vintage steals.  “Fashion and what you wear should be a statement of who you are and how you feel. You shouldn’t be scared to take risks. It should be fun and make you feel good, no matter your budget or fashion experience,” she says. For Elizabeth, fashion is a way to tell her story.  “I like my stories full of fun and excitement, history and romance, and - from time to time - a little drama. Bold fabrics give me a thrill. Couture makes me swoon. Daring pairings are a magnetic force I cannot overcome,” says this B-more native. Elizabeth also loves to see the “stories” other people tell, which may come from her work in publishing and media as HR Director for The Agora Companies, where - she says - creativity and originality is always encouraged. Now, she’ll be relaying some of those stories to us in her column, “The Haute Find.”  “It’s about finding style on the street, in homes, and out-and-about. It’s an adventure looking for textures, fabrics, and how people add layers of details and interest to their wardrobe.” So, ramp it up, Baltimore. Maybe Elizabeth will be “telling” your story!