Street Style: Fanciful Fashion

By Sascha Wolhandler

December came and went with gobs of glitter, gold, furs, flowers and fancies.  

Beginning with Stephanie Bradshaw’ and Alpha Graphic’s December “Cake & Whiskey” women in business networking event.  

In other parts of the city, the fashion forces stepped into the world of fantastical fantasy for Hampden’s annual holiday Krampus monster parade.  Folks donned incredible monster and other fantasy costumes to mimic the Central European holiday tradition.  The folklore has it that Krampus (the monster with twigs) visits houses to put candy in the shoes of the good kids, and twigs in the shoes of the bad. 

From monster sightings, I moved to magical Elvis. The annual “Night of 100 Elvises” allows folks to release their inner “King”.  As we finished the month – and the decade – with plenty of joy and jingles, we welcome 2020.  

A tip of the hat to Suzette Pretty, as she welcomes the holidays. (Snapped on Odonnell Street)
Mimi Washington giving off vintage vibes for the season (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Michaela Moran goes with the flow for the holidays (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Jenn Genovese takes the long view”as she patterns herself after the festive holiday spirit. (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Pat Grandy is dandy in her leather & tux pants combo! (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Stephanie Bradshaw once again proves she’s the “hostess with the mostest!” (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Denaye Martin & Aisha Merrell Gal pals kickin’ it with their holiday style (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
“Tis the season to be jolly and fashionable,” exclaims Candice Denice. (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Tiffanie McCoy wears her love of the holidays on her sleeve…and her back! (Snapped at “Whiskey & Cake” event at HÁBITAT at SEYA)
Looking for naughties! (Snapped at Krampus parade, Chestnut & 36th St. – Hampden)
Monstrously glam Amanda! (Snapped at Krampus parade, Chestnut & 36th St. – Hampden)
With a nod to Elton John, Myra Fillippone rockets her style to the moon (Snapped at Krampus parade, Chestnut & 36th St. – Hampden)
Richard Del Grande & Hana Albrecht demonstrate that monsters who play together, stay together (Snapped at Krampus parade, Chestnut & 36th St. – Hampden)
Leo, ya had me with the euphonium! (Snapped at Krampus parade, Chestnut & 36th St. – Hampden)

Elvis was alive and well and bringing joy to the world!  Images bring to mind his song titles. (Following photos snapped at “Night of 100 Elvises”)

Benjamin Dalske – It’s Now Or Never”
Bani – “All Shook Up”
Dorothy Stevens – “Don’t Be Cruel”
“Viva Las Vegas”
Megan Brockway (“Baltimore’s Best Hon”) – “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”
Fernando Juliao – “Blue Hawaii”
Stacy Blee (who’s been coming to the party for the last 10 years)- “Girl Happy”
Bonnie Marie Shiksakowski – “Merry Christmas, Baby”

And that’s how we roll in Baltimore folks. That’s how we roll!

Sascha Wolhandler

What do food and fashion have in common? Apparently quite a bit to a chef who: peels carrots and potatoes in a vintage French chef jacket (found at the Paris flea market), favors 4-inch platforms over professional clogs in the kitchen, and could be said to have a certain fetish for fashion.          Sascha Wolhandler is known around Baltimore as much for her unique style as she is as a longtime caterer, restaurateur, food stylist, and radio personality (co-contributor to "What Ya Got Cooking "on WYPR mid-days).          Her taste often reflects the cool quirkiness that is Baltimore, as do her culinary creations.            As the founder of Sascha’s Catering and the now-closed Sascha’s 527 Café, she’s known for her extraordinary skill at combining flavors and how she fashioned her buffets – pairing the fine with the rustic to create exquisite tastes and tableaus.          Food styling in the movies honed her fashion observation skills. Whether whipping up eggs for Julia Roberts in "Runaway Bride," or creating hors d’oeuvres for “House of Cards,” Sascha observed how costumers tell the “stories” of characters in how they dress the actors.          It’s no surprise that Sascha finds her favorite fashion on the concrete and cobblestones of Charm City.          "The streets, that's where I look for the fabulous combinations that humans put together…and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ moment that speaks style," the five-foot-two self-proclaimed “alley goddess” declares.          Her eye for style may also capture other street scenes that reflect our city’s cool vibe. So, look for Sascha’s “Street Snaps” that show "Baltimore rocks!"