Avant Garb: A December to Remember

by Elizabeth Massing

December really is one of the best months of the year. Yes…. It’s cold. But, it’s also arguably one of the most festive times of the year, and there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate, mingle, and connect with friends old and new. The best part of the month is all of the fun parties that occur. One that I was invited to was at the Four Seasons in Harbor East. There were two looks in particular that really caught my attention. They’re both bold, wild, and totally unique. While others might have been worried about someone else having their same shoes or dress, these two were setting a whole new bar for fashion statements.

First, I ran into Barbara. According to friends, Barbara is almost always rocking a look that is unique, eye-catching, quirky and colorful. She’s not afraid to stand out. Her take? “I’m incapable of matching. I love to mix crazy patterns and prints. I love texture. I Iove vintage. My style is somewhere between new wave and pop punk. I’m quirky, and I like interesting, uniquely designed things. Vivienne Westwood inspires me. This outfit encompasses all of that.” I love that Barb is playing with feminine and masculine by pairing this with a Tahari Tuxedo style blazer.
Her dress is a vintage Gunne Sax dress with polka dots and fringe lace. It definitely carries over her 80s look and pairs great with her funky hair, which was accessorized by The Flaunt Boutique in Hampden. Too cute and so fun…even more so, thanks to her Tarina Tarantino earrings!
Some of my favorite parts of this look are the accessories. I’m obsessed with Barb’s Vintage Whiting & Davis metal mesh necktie necklace. Another example of tying together masculine and feminine energies in this look. Barb rocks it.
Let’s also take note of her colorful Vintage Whiting & Davis metal mesh bag. Barb isn’t afraid to make bold color choices.
Last but not least…. can we talk about Barb’s shoes? They really do feel like something that a Tokyo Harajuku girl would be rocking. I love that Barb is not afraid to make bold choices. They’re playful, whimsical, and quirky. Overall, her look totally reflects her personality. She is one of a kind!
At a party with a ton of black dress suits and shoes, Ted immediately caught my attention with his playful and festive color and pattern selections. “Most of my pieces have been acquired over a lifetime and have great stories behind them. Like the custom tennis shoes that everyone in my family has…[all] matching with our names on them. Or a new seasonal embroidered pant that seem to find their way under the Christmas tree each year. The fun part is mixing these items with the more traditional conservative pairing to create an edgier preppy chic look,” Ted told me. He wore a vintage Jos. A Bank tartan dinner jacket, paired with a classic black cummerbund, tuxedo pants, a classic white tuxedo shirt and black studs. He even added in a pair of red Natty Boh Cuff links. I love the Baltimore pride!
The jacket is classic and perfect for the event.
Ted loves personalized pieces, which is why his shoes are so amazing. They are custom and personalized Nike Air Force 1 by You in red and green holiday colors. He said these are some of his favorite seasonal pieces that he only gets to wear a couple of times a year. Mixing statement pieces with classic tuxedo components is a great combination, which is why this look works so well. Even though this look is classic, he’s managed to incorporate more edgy pieces and some playful ones too.

Overall, both of these looks are so great because they’re bold and memorable. They’re standout looks and they’ve both incorporated lots of smaller memorable details and accessories that set them apart from the crowd. And they made my December memorable, as well!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.