The Saddest Day of the Year Party

Dozens of depressed individuals deluged No Land Beyond to share their gloom with gobs of others at “The Saddest Day of the Year Party.” The bash is thrown by Anastasia Tantaros observing “Blue Monday,” a date that bears the dubious title of “most depressing day of the year.” The fact that the concept has been debunked as pseudoscience only added to the shared sorrow of all the partygoers.

Most photos courtesy Anastasia Tantaros/Side A Photography

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(Photo courtesy Kelly Cross)
(Photo courtesy Kelly Cross)
No Land Beyond even came up with lugubrious lubrications to augment the anguish of the event.
Pictured (LtoR) Anastasia Tantaros, event host: and DJ Eddible

(Photo courtesy Leanna Powell)
(January 27, 2020 – No Land Beyond)
Sloane Brown

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