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Our fashion columns are hand-curated by local folks who each have an eye for Baltimore’s stylish side.

See what they see – fashionistas out and about, fashion & beauty finds in local shops, and the hot spots they go to.

The Latest

The NEW Ruth Shaw

Baltimore’s premier upscale boutique is starting the fall with a new home – The Shops at Kenilworth. The store itself…

Counter Culture Couture

Luxury is coming to Baltimore, folks. There’s no escaping it. Darn it all…

What to Wear: BSO Gala

Fall party season has officially arrived! The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Gala unofficially kicks off Fall party season on September 9th…

Fierce Fashionistas

I found Marie Tester looking music fest chic at one of my favorite Baltimore stores, White Fox…

Kiss…& Makeup!

Many times in summers past, Baltimore beauties have tossed their lipsticks, and just gone with waterproof eye pencil and mascara…

Nuovo Italian – Tagliata

Local restaurateur Alex Smith and his Atlas Restaurant Group (Loch Bar, Azumi, Ouzo Bay) has added another sibling to his…

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