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Our fashion columns are hand-curated by local folks who each have an eye for Baltimore’s stylish side.

See what they see – fashionistas out and about, fashion & beauty finds in local shops, and the hot spots they go to.

The Latest

Hot Spots: Tacos Nuevos

Brian Michael Lawrence takes us to a new Baltimore eatery where “hot spot” has more than one meaning. …

Avant Garb: Situationally Stylish

Baltimore Snap columnist Elizabeth Massing finds certain occasions aren’t obstacles for Bmore’s fashion-minded folk. They’re opportunities. …

Hot Spots: Old Suburban Favorite

Okay, okay. Let’s get the jokes out of the way first. I dined at The Peppermill last week. Of my own free will. And I’m under 80 years of age.

By Brian Michael Lawrence

Street Style: Snow Glow

Columnist Sascha Wolhandler spies stylistas swaddled against the cold in Harbor East. …

Avant Garb: Merlot Mode

Elizabeth Massing drinks in the season’s style and one of its hot hues… …

Hot Spots: Center of It All

Last week, I was invited to attend a panel about Baltimore-based filmmaking at The Center Club. As a private member club, not everyone gets to take advantage of this beautiful space high in the sky overlooking the heart of downtown and the harbor. …

Avant Garb: Fashionistas & Frippery

A few weeks ago, I attended one of the Cake & Whiskey Baltimore meet-ups hosted by Stephanie Bradshaw and her team. One of the looks that really caught my attention was what Jasmina Venecia was rocking. …

Street Style: Deck Us All

Razzle, Dazzle and Bedazzled! Glittery magic is in the air. Twinkle lights abound. Sparkles, gold and silver scream celebration on the streets as the holidays near. …

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