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Our fashion columns are hand-curated by local folks who each have an eye for Baltimore’s stylish side.

See what they see – fashionistas out and about, fashion & beauty finds in local shops, and the hot spots they go to.

The Latest

Street Style: Beachy Chi-Chi

Columnist Sascha Wolhandler finds city streets sizzle with style! …

Hot Spots: Betting on Italian

Columnist Brian Michael Lawrence gets a taste of Italy in a new addition at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. …

Avant Garb: Mad for Millinery

Columnist Elizabeth Massing finds bonnet bliss…and encounters a local fashionista in perfect synchronicity with summer. …

Street Style: Heat Chic

Columnist Sascha Wolhandler spies hot summer style around every corner in Bmore. …

Hot Spots: Asian Persuasion

Columnist Brian Michael Lawrence takes us to chef Chad Gauss’ latest eatery that’s fun, funky…and delish! …

Avant Garb: Pink Panache

Columnist Elizabeth Massing finds folks welcoming the summer in the pink…and comes across a new fashion haunt in Mt. Vernon.

Avant Garb: Accessor-Highs

Columnist Elizabeth Massing comes across a couple of fashion fans whose accessories provide the key to their style. …

Street Style: May Flowers & Power

Baltimore Snap columnist Sascha Wolhandler discovers plenty of beauty springing up on our city streets. And we’re not talking greenery… …

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